The Instagram Feed is the virtual place to share your content (photos and videos) and connect with people.

In a Social Media Marketing strategy, the aspect of personalization must also be considered. Not only should your own account or that of the company be customized with all the useful information to explain who we are and what we do (profile photos, bio with keywords and clickable link, stories in evidence), but also and above all contents that they must be interesting, published following a coherent layout and accompanied by a captivating caption. A well-customized Instagram Feed can effectively attract Instagram Followers and subsequently, your visibility can be improved.

The Instagram Feed and Stories

Instagram feeds and stories are the main elements to focus on to create a winning marketing strategy.

Millions of people everyday view, create and share photos and videos on stories or feeds. Stories are represented by content that remains online for only 24 hours after which they end up in your personal archive and can no longer be viewed by other Instagrammers unless you decide to share them again. Each story can be customized with effects, stickers, emojis, adding text, and many other creative tools.

The contents published in the Feed are permanent and can be modified with filters directly on the app.

Both tools (stories and feeds) can be exploited by marketers for promotional purposes, to make a brand and its products better known, or to involve users through stories and perhaps show them the “behind the scenes”.

How and why to customize the Instagram Feed

Below you will find some tips for customizing and optimizing an Instagram Feed. Making your feed more professional is a great way to attract potential customers and show them your expertise and work.

Pay attention to the color scheme

The color scheme allows you to create a personalized and consistent Instagram feed.

Pay attention to the colours! After choosing the color or shade of colors that best suits your company logo, physical products, or website, it should also be kept for the other posts.

Alternatively, you can also use a custom filter and make use of some editing tools such as Vsco, Canva, Kirakira, and Snapseed.

Unique and quality content always wins

Publish unique, quality content that has a common theme and is clear and crisp. It may be useful to plan an editorial calendar in which to note the publication date, theme, format, and caption.

Also, focus on sharing video content 

Sharing video content also has its importance. However, it is essential that the content is optimized for mobile and is clear and consistent with the profile. 

Videos can be edited with filters and effects and audio can be excluded. Before publication, a cover with the frame of the movie to be previewed will be added.

The importance of the captions for engagement rate

The caption is essential to increase user engagement and successfully achieve the set goals. We are talking about the caption, which is the text that we find under Instagram posts and which should be consistent with the topic that your profile is about.

First of all, to write a good caption it is necessary to analyze the target audience in order to set the right tone of voice. Then based on the goal of our post (receive comments, shares, or saves), enter the right CTA (call to action). But pay attention to the length, avoid excessively long captions, and do not exceed in the use of hashtags.

With these simple steps, you can create an engaging and creative Instagram feed. Furthermore, with an Instagram Business account, through advertising, you can transform any post into an advertisement and reach a wider and more targeted audience.

Through the “Shopping” function it will also be possible to create a personalized showcase where users can quickly and easily buy your products directly from your photos and videos.