Over 250 million people use Instagram Stories. Virtually more than 50% of active users regularly view Stories and publish them. A growing trend especially among the most active Instagrammers.

Instagram itself stated that the Stories encourage users not only to stay on the platform longer. But to visit it more frequently: in fact, young people under 25 spend a total of more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram and the remaining population of users remain connected for more than 24 minutes on average.

What are Instagram Stories and why they are so popular?

Let’s start from the first point. Instagram Stories consist of a short video or a sequence of photos that once posted have a 24-hour stay on the social network. After that the story disappears from the feed and no one can see it anymore. Unless it has been downloaded to their device.

Unlike photos, stories allow you to create transient content, a “must” for the very young, by telling an event or capturing a salient moment of the day, instantly.

The success of the stories is precisely in their naturalness that transmits a sense of authenticity to those who see them. Fast, spontaneous and expiring content. There is no refinement of the image: through posing, shooting, photo editing or the careful choice of hashtags. Rather, the stories want to entertain, to be original and spontaneous. Do you know that you can share your Instagram Post to Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories, useful web marketing tool for companies

There are many companies that have understood the potential of Instagram Stories. Even if here the canons of corporate communication are overturned.

It is necessary to be able to offer new and fun contents to Instagram followers, showing the pop, original. And trendy side of the company in a fast and simple way of consumption, without too much artifice.

And here comes the difficulty. Because in companies the communication processes have slower realization times than the speed of publication of the Stories. It should also be considered that the naturalness of the video or slideshows absolutely does not mean a lack of strategy in content creation.

The result, however, can be truly surprising because it allows you to actively interact with your followers. Further improving the customer experience.

Advantages of Instagram Stories

The temporary visibility of Stories offers the advantage of being able to experiment with new content ideas without worrying too much about the consequences of an unwelcome post. Indeed, the provisional nature of the content can be used as a feedback tool to test new colors, products, and even analyze the perception of the brand or create engagement to evaluate a rebranding.

Storytelling is one of the success elements of Instagram Stories with which we can generate. For example, a narration around our brand in single episodes.

And then, there is the beauty of the live broadcast. Instagram live video has the advantage that all fans are notified as soon as we go live. We can use Instagram Live to cover an event, a special moment, or for an official announcement. Or even to interview a famous guest, or have a question session.

The Stories in evidence

The latest news from Instagram are the Highlighted Stories. The ability to create permanent Stories, always visible on your profile. This new feature allows you to add real “permanent collections” also defining those Stories that we want our fans to see first.