Instagram is the most popular social networking site globally, used by around 1 billion people every month. In Poland, about 6 million people log in to Instagram every day, which means an excellent opportunity for companies to reach new customers. However, Instagram is also an excellent opportunity for people who want to set up private accounts and interact only with limited number of people. This is why it is important to set up a professional-looking profile with a good Instagram bio and profile picture.

You can share your passions, promote a personal brand with your Instagram Followers and even start earning money. However, how does Instagram break through among millions of users? A good Instagram bio is critical! How to create it to attract followers? What to look for when creating a bio? All these questions are answered in this article.

What is an Instagram bio?

A bio is a short description that gives you all the most essential information about your profile. Its maximum length is 150 characters, so it cannot be too long. And it is precisely the limitation of the text length that causes the most problems. The bio is essential for business accounts that have the opportunity to introduce themselves to followers and encourage them to follow the profile. Good BIO on Instagram is to mobilize you to carefully look at the profile and, above all, to follow it. Therefore, it is worth spending some time and energy on creating it, and it may turn out to help build an Instagram community and gain new followers. In addition to the standard text, in the bio, you can also include emoticons, mark another profile (e.g., a person close to us), and insert a link,

Why a Good Instagram Bio is important?

It has long been known that a good Instagram profile helps build a brand and an engaged community, which is a highly effective marketing activity. By building a personal brand, you can gain many followers and start earning money that way. For businesses, Instagram is a great way to present their services and products, reduce distance and attract new customers. A good bio is the first and most significant step.

BIO will allow you to introduce yourself to the recipients, encourage them to follow the page, and effectively increase traffic on the product page by placing the appropriate link. The bio will also allow you to make an excellent first impression, but only if it is well-completed.

What Makes a Good Instagram Profile?

Creating a good bio is not easy, as you need to include the essential information to attract followers. At the same time, the whole thing should be as short as possible. It is worth remembering that BIO can be edited at any time, which is especially useful when we want to add information about new achievements, update data or change an added link. After you’ve finished writing your bio, it’s a good idea to check it for any mistakes. What should a good bio consist of? Furthermore, some people buy Instagram Followers to make their profile look more trustworthy.

Attractive Profile Picture

The key is, of course, a good profile picture. In the case of companies, it may be a logo, a flagship product, or a reference to the services offered. A private account can have a personal photo or something that matches what will be posted on the profile, such as a travel photo or a photo while dancing. Still, the face photo looks best for personal accounts to help you get to know the account owner better.

Good Username

The profile’s name is also essential in the bio, which will allow you to search for our account. It could be a first and last name, a company name, or any other name that can be easily associated with your brand. It is worth using keywords in the nickname because the search engine on Instagram considers both the name field and the username field (i.e., name and surname). Therefore, a personal trainer can add “workouts” to the name. It is worth carefully considering this aspect because changing the name later can result in losing followers, which can be very painful.

The name of the company or your first and last name must not be missing from the bio, which will make it easier to identify your profile. Thanks to this, you will immediately know who the account belongs to, facilitating the building of a positive brand image. Additionally, it is an element after which your profile can be found.

Most Important Information Should be Included in Bio

The description should tell you what you do and what you can do. It is worth adding to whom you address your offer, i.e., define the target audience. Of course, you shouldn’t cover all your achievements here, but you can add information about your successes and show them off a bit.

Add a link in Bio

The bio is the only place where you can add a clickable link that redirects to another page. It can be an account on other social media or a blog. In the case of companies, it is best to have a company page or a page that redirects to a specific service or product that you want to promote.

Modern Aesthetics

Instagram is designed for modern people, and its world has its own rules. Brief information, pictures, and excellence reign here. It is worth keeping this in mind when creating your bio. At the same time, it must be remembered that a good bio is not everything, and the most important thing is what is published on the profile.

Creating BIO on Instagram – the most important rules

Above all, an Instagram bio should be short, concise, and to the point. What does it mean? Put as much information as possible in a few words without divorcing, pouring water, and writing essays, which is not the case anyway. You have to remember that Instagram focuses on images, and the less text there is, the better. You can find many bios on Instagram that are very short and do their job perfectly.

An example is Puma, which only wrote a few words about the company, industry, and website address. Another good example? A bit of a hairdressing salon with a photo, website address, and information: a men’s hairdresser in Sydney. Briefly, concisely, and simultaneously, all the messages that the potential customer needs are included.

How to Spice up your Instagram Bio – Conclusion

The easiest way to diversify your bio is to use different fonts and emojis and enter hashtags. They should be well suited to the brand profile so that the whole thing looks consistent. For the hashtag, it’s best to choose a word that has a chance to become an essential part of building a brand and one that will be associated well and, at the same time, will relate to what is happening on your account. On Instagram, it’s also a good idea to use emojis instead of certain words.

After all, picture writing rules are here. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. A huge number of hearts or the introduction of emojis for every other word will look infantile and may scare off a large group of recipients. This is especially disadvantageous in the case of severe industries and companies that want to remain thoroughly professional.