In recent years, a new feature has been introduced on social media tools almost every day. Among the social media tools that constantly offer new features, both to facilitate daily use and to introduce new designs to large audiences, Instagram is the leading platform. The Add You Also feature, which has been on the agenda recently, announces its name as an innovation that Instagram has brought to our lives.

In the beginning of November, Instagram opened a new “story” feature called “Add You Too”, which it has been testing for the past few weeks, to all users. Therefore, this new feature has been a matter of curiosity among users. In this article, “What is the Add You In Instagram feature? How can I use it?”

What Does the Add You Feature Work?

Instagram, which has the most popular and intensive use among social media tools, introduces a new feature every day. The Add You too feature has started to attract attention as an application that Instagram has already been testing for a few weeks. The Add You Also feature, which was officially put into use after the official announcement on both iOS and Android applications, appears as an effect that opens to users’ sharing in the Instagram story tab. With this feature, you can interact with users.

With the Instagram You Add feature, it is possible to share successively on the same theme through Instagram stickers on the story tab. This new feature, which can be used in the Instagram stories tab, is located on the stickers menu, and users who follow each other can use these stickers for various trends. Therefore, the posts made with the Add You Too sticker can create a story chain.

How to Use the Add You in Instagram Feature?

The Add You too feature is a feature that can be used by anyone who uses Instagram. By using this feature, you can share your daily activities, you can set an action as the current of that day. Thanks to this feature, which created a story chain format, it became possible to interact with different people. You can also use the Add feature by following the steps below:

  • Determine a theme for the day and prepare it visually in Instagram story format.
  • Select and position your image on the Instagram story sharing tab. Select the “Add You” sticker from the stickers menu on the Instagram story tab.
  • Include your slogan, which is suitable for your theme, in writing on the sticker. For example; “add your cat too!” You can add expressions like.
  • Share your story publicly to extend the chain by making your story available to everyone.
  • Invite your friends to join your event. Follow the people who post after you on your post from the bubbles on the sticker.

What Does Instagram Add You Feature Do?

When using the Add You feature, each new share is added to the chain and multiplies, and the people who share it are placed in the bubbles on the sticker. In this way, you can see who you interact with from there and you interact.

The Add You too feature helps Instagram users to meet at the same event, expand their activity areas and socialize. Particularly, it is a very efficient method for users who aim to increase the number of Instagram followers to participate in posts on certain themes. This feature will enable Instagram users to reach more people and make new discoveries.


Can you also use the add feature on an Android phone?

The Add You too feature is available for both iOS and Android devices. This feature can be used on all devices that have the latest update of the Instagram application and support it.

Can I participate in the “Add You Too” shares of users who are not added into my account?

The Add You feature allows users who do not follow each other to participate in the same events. Therefore, all users with public accounts can participate in the same event.

How many users do I need to use the Instagram add feature?

There is no such limitation, everyone can use the add feature of Instagram.